Health Care For Elderly ‘Four Times More Expensive’

The average cost of a health insurance claim for a person over 60 is approximately four times higher than the average cost of claims for a person under the age of 40, according to Vhi Healthcare. Figures released by the company today show that although people of all age profiles get sick and need to make claims, medical costs are predominantly age-related, with costs for the elderly significantly more expensive for the insurer. 22% of those in the age category 18-39 claimed, while 84% of those over 60 made a claim.

On average, one in every three Vhi Healthcare members claimed in the year-end February 2006 – an increase of almost 12% on 2005.

The health insurer said that it has paid out more than €890m, or €4m every working day, an increase of 18.4% on the previous year.