Community Housing Cymru Campaign For Social Housing

More than half the people in Wales believe there is a lack of affordable homes for rent. Community Housing Cymru, which represents housing associations in Wales, launched a three-month campaign to promote its work and raise awareness of social housing.

The organisation commissioned Beaufort Research to do a survey which found nine out of 10 people knew little or nothing about housing associations.

There are 74,000 homes provided by housing associations in Wales who employ 4,000 people and spend more than £200m every year.

Nick Bennett, Community Housing Cymru chief executive, said: “This campaign has been developed to make sure housing gets its rightful place on the agenda.

“The research that we undertook with Beaufort showed 57% of people think that there is insufficient social housing provision in Wales, compared to only 15% five years ago.

“We need more investment in affordable housing to ensure balanced communities as well as broader economic gains and social development.”

Chairman Chris O’Meara said: “As the voice of the voluntary housing movement in Wales we are acutely aware of the role we can and do play in community regeneration.

“This will be at the fore as an increasing number of council tenants are asked to vote to transfer stock to the voluntary movement.”