Daniel Pelka case makes children’s social care savings ‘impossible’

Coventry City Council has said it is “impossible” to make savings in its children’s social care budget because of a rise in demand following the death of Daniel Pelka  in the city.

Coventry City Council made the statement following a rise in referrals from 578 two years ago to 635 in 2013.

The council’s budget report said it had aimed to make savings of £4m by 2014/15 in its children’s social care budget.

However, it said it was now “considered impossible” to achieve the target saving as a result of higher numbers of referrals and caseloads.

The report recommended that the council should axe the £4m target at a meeting later.

A council representative said: “There is no way those savings could now be realised. If you have a service experiencing increasing levels of demand, it’s very difficult to make savings”.