Paralysed Nurse Died In Her Wheelchair After Being Abandoned, Family Blast

A FORMER nurse died trapped in a wheelchair after social workers abandoned her, it was claimed yesterday.

Glasgow-born Angela Wright, 45, who had a nerve condition which left her paralysed, had not been washed or had her clothes changed for three years.

Yesterday, her family claimed she had been left in squalor after her care plan was cancelled.

Son Mark, 20, said the former Territorial Army nurse, who moved to Sheffield eight years ago, would not let him or his brother Stephen, 18, wash or change her.

He said: “She still had her pride and dignity, so all she would let us do was give her food and drinks and administer her medication.

She needed professional care but was just abandoned and left to live like this.

“She was sat in a wheelchair for three years – in the same clothes she was wearing the last time a carer went into the house, without being washed or cleaned up. ” He said his mum battled with Sheffield Council’s social services department to get carers back into her house. There had been repeated meetings in the last year but the issue was never resolved.

Angela was found covered in urine and faeces when she died, apparently of blood poisoning. An inquest is to be held into her death.

Mark said: “Before her care stopped, she used to lead a full life – she would go shopping, the pub and visiting. She never let her disability stop her, but once the carers stopped so did her life.”

Cath Roff, of Sheffield Council, said: “Ms Wright had very complex needs and we worked to support her, although she was not always willing to accept the help.

“The forthcoming inquest is the best place for a full review .”