Health and Social Care Volunteering

There is a long tradition of volunteering in health or social care, whether within the NHS or through charity and voluntary groups. A great many volunteer roles have built up in this field, ranging from companionship to hands-on caring, and including representative roles to promote public involvement in the NHS.
Volunteering England has been running a Volunteering in Health and Social Care (HSC) project for several years, and the project has produced a range of case studies and resources as part of its work. To learn more about it , you can explore the HSC project pages or use some of the quick links listed below.

The rest of the information below is drawn from other UK organisations working in health and social care, or from other VE projects.

Information in the other themes of the Good Practice Bank will also be relevant to volunteering in health and social care, particularly the themes on Mentoring and Befriending and Public Sector Volunteering.

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