Daughter Of Disabled Pensioner Attacks Gloucestershire Social Services

The daughter of a disabled pensioner has attacked social services after her mother had to go six weeks without essential home care.The problems began for Marion Fawkes, 81, when she was forced to move in with her daughter following the summer floods.

As the pensioner, who needs daily home care, was living with relatives Gloucestershire County Council withdrew its home care service.

But despite moving back into her home in late December, Mrs Fawkes, of St Paul’s, had to wait until February for the service to be reinstated.

“I think it is outrageous that the council took so long to sort this out,” said her daughter Rachel Carr.

“They are quick enough to take the payment so I can’t understand why they couldn’t get the care organised straight away. My mother was lucky because she had me and my sister to look after – not everyone is that fortunate.”

Rachel was also angered when the authority apparently ignored two written complaints she made to the council about the way her mother had been treated.

She said: “That really annoyed me. The council says it will answer all complaints within 28 days but I wrote in January about how I was unhappy with my mother’s situation and they didn’t reply.

“Then I wrote again to complain that they hadn’t replied and they still have not been in contact.

“My mother is very happy with the care she receives and her carer but this whole situation has been handled badly.”

Kim Carey, Gloucestershire County Council’s community and adult care directorate, apologised for the problems.

“As Mrs Fawkes did not need her care package while living with her family, the services were cancelled and the hours allocated to others who needed care at the time.

“When Mrs Fawkes was ready to return home it was not possible to immediately reinstate the care and there was a delay.

Her services were restarted at the end of January with care being provided by the same provider who knew her previously.

“I apologise for the delay in responding to the complaint. Our priority was to reinstate services to Mrs Fawkes and it was an oversight that the complaint was not formally responded to.

“The local team will be issuing a response to the family as a matter of priority.”