Webwatch: 24/7 online therapy and counselling service launches across the UK

Created by a consortium of BACP therapists, a new 24/7 online therapy and counselling service launches across the UK today.

MindSpace 247 claims to be an instant dial-in counselling service without the need for a GP appointment or referral.

Scottish businessman and MindSpace 247 investor, Barney Battles, said the service will help the country “get back on its feet”.

He said: “We needed to explore other, alternative ways of access to qualified professional therapists and counsellors. Exploring other methodologies is essential to give everyone quality healthcare and ultimately this can only help release pressure off the NHS.

“We developed MindSpace 247 not as a crisis line, but to support both British enterprise and the population after one of the worst years in living memory. We have a bank of therapists and anyone calling in is only 90 seconds away from being transferred, to a professional, trained expert, to help you work out ways to deal with almost every issue, from anxiety, stress, financial worry and relationship issues to addiction, exam pressure, depression, loneliness and bereavement etc. We need to move together to find a way forward, because the recovery will take years.”

With employers looking to support their workforce and a national return to work, MindSpace 247 have developed a low-cost business mental health support programme to offer as a company benefit to their employees.

Dr Arthur Cassidy, a respected chartered psychologist and mental health practitioner said: “I see psychological distress and mental health breakdown constantly in my clinic, however the recent research by the Royal College of Psychiatrists and other learned bodies, show us that we are predicting a massive upsurge in mental health displacement breakdown. Without intervention, this is going to promote poor GP waiting lists and the longer the lists become, the more psychological distress there will be.”

The team behind MindSpace 247 is keen to emphasise that the on-line therapy service is not a crisis line such as The Samaritans. It is an immediate appointment to talk directly to a highly qualified therapist from the comfort of your own home or workplace, without a long GP waiting list or referral. Confidential appointments can be made by telephone or Zoom.

Click here to visit: www.mindspace247.com