Journal of Research on Adolescence, 18, 2

* Problem Behavior and Heart Rate Reactivity in Adopted Adolescents: Longitudinal and Concurrent Relations * Low-Income Latina Mothers’ Expectations for Their Pregnant Daughters’ Autonomy and Interdependence * Gender- and Age-Related Differences in the Association Between Social Relationship Quality and Trait Levels of Salivary Cortisol * Parenting Behavior as Mediator and Moderator of the Association Between Marital Problems and Adolescent Maladjustment * Delayed Adulthood, Delayed Desistance? Trends in the Age Distribution of Problem Behaviors * Second-Generation Effects of Chicago’s Gautreaux Residential Mobility Program on Children’s Participation in Crime * Socialization Influences on Early Adolescents’ Cognitive Susceptibility and Transition to Sexual Intercourse * Cognitive Self-Regulation and Depression: Examining Academic Self-Efficacy and Goal Characteristics in Youth of a Northern Plains Tribe