Report: Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services – Scottish Evidence Summit 2018

The Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services (Iriss) has been involved in the Improving Use of Evidence Strand of the Vision and Strategy for Social Services in Scotland.

The Evidence Summit was an event that convened leaders from major practitioner, policy and professional bodies with an interest in the adoption and use of high-quality evidence across their organisations and sectors. The day was a partnership of the Alliance for Useful Evidence (A4UE) and Iriss, and invited senior representatives from the worlds of health and social care, justice, housing and education.

As well as hosting presentations and discussions on the day, survey responses from participants were collected on the following questions:

•    Thinking about your current sector, how much importance is placed on encouraging evidence use at all levels?
•    In your area of work, can you give an example of when evidence has been used effectively to make a difference to practice?
•    For your sector, what do you think will be the future priorities/challenges for evidence use?

The report collates the key messages from these responses, as well as the contributions from the speakers and discussions that took place.