Poor relationships with managers leave workers feeling undervalued – study

More than one in three workers are dissatisfied in their jobs, partly because of poor relationships with their managers, according to a new report.

Research suggested that a lack of development opportunities was also making staff feel undervalued.

The Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) said poor relationships with management was a common theme in its survey of 1,400 employees.

Two out of five workers in their 40s said they were likely to quit their job because they didn’t get on with their boss.

A third of that age group felt there was no opportunity for training and development in their current job.

Reasons for wanting to change jobs included promotion, feeling undervalued and needing a change, said the ILM.

Kate Cooper of the ILM said: “Our research reveals how many workers feel underappreciated and have more to give in their current roles.

“This dissatisfaction leads to many looking for new jobs and businesses missing out on talent they have already invested in, which is costly to replace.

“Many workers in their 40s not only report poor relationships with their managers, but with retirement still a long way off, they’re also dissatisfied with the opportunities for training and development. Almost half of men think a mentor could improve their work situation.”

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