University of Glasgow launches campaign against gender-based violence

A Scottish university has launched a new campaign to highlight its work on gender-based violence.

The University of Glasgow created its Together Against Gender-Based Violence campaign in a bid to promote an improved approach to tackling the issue.

Launched by the university, the Students’ Representative Council (SRC), as well as a number of student bodies and colleagues from across the institution, the campaign coincides with the UN’s 16 Days Of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence.

It is hoped the initiative will make policies on gender-based violence clearer, resources more accessible and reporting processes more straightforward.

It also strives to educate the university community on different forms of gender-based violence.

The campaign was recommended by an independent review of the university’s policies and processes, conducted by Morag Ross KC last year.

A major factor in the campaign is an art installation by Glasgow-based visual artist Molly Hankinson.

The exhibition explores various themes related to gender-based violence, including consent, education and allyship.

Ms Hankinson (pictured) said: “The campaign against gender-based violence was the perfect opportunity for me to create a body of work that was reflective of my own values and create something that was interrogative but celebratory, which is the balance that I like to strike in my own practice.

“I want to spark questions around the themes in the campaign, hopefully in a way that’s strong and assertive. It’s about taking accountability for the past – but also drawing a line and looking forward to the future.”

Professor Sara Carter, the University of Glasgow’s gender equality champion, vice principal and head of the College of Social Sciences, said: “We are proud to launch our new Together Against Gender-Based Violence campaign and share the progress the university has made in tackling gender-based violence since the Morag Ross KC report.

“From improvements in policy and procedures to the fantastic new art exhibition and educational resources, this is the start of a conversation for our community, and we want everyone to be a part of it.

“The university is committed to further progress and ensuring our community feels respected and safe on our campuses.”

Hailie Pentleton-Owens, Students’ Representative Council president, said: “We endorse and support this campaign, whilst recognising that the university still has a lot of work to do to rebuild trust in its approach to gender-based violence.

“The SRC will continue to hold the university accountable, ensuring the student voice is heard and support is further improved.”

The exhibition is open to the public and features in the University of Glasgow’s James McCune Smith Learning Hub.

The art will remain on display in the building until the end of January.

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