Survey finds few students feel £9,000 university fees are good value for money

Few students at English and Welsh universities feel that their fees of £9,000 a year are good value for money, a survey has found.

Just 13% of students questioned agreed that “the standard of education and the increased wages graduates earn mean English/Welsh university degrees are worth the money”, according to the YouGov poll.

By contrast, 62% felt that “the standard of education and the wages graduates earn are not enough to warrant the cost of English/ Welsh university degrees”.

Some 14% did not agree with either statement and 11% said they did not know which they agreed with more.

However 86% of students said they were satisfied with the quality of their university course, including 25% who said they were “very” satisfied.

Just 13% said they were dissatisfied with their course.

But 59% of those students who are satisfied with the quality of their degree believe that that fees are too high, and even among those who are “very” satisfied that figure is still as high as 45%, with only 22% feeling they are worth the money.

Seven in 10 students (70%) think that they will be better off financially over the course of their life thanks to their university education, but 14% believe their degree will make no difference to their lifetime earnings, and 7% believe it will actually leave them worse off.

Nevertheless, 59% of those who expect to be better off financially as a result of having a university degree still believe the fees are too high.

Ben Glanville, head of YouGov Omnibus UK, said: “Tuition fees have been a controversial and divisive topic for a long time now.

“As A-Level students eagerly await their results this week, our study underlines that there is widespread resentment of the £9,000 fees from existing students – even if they expect to be better off in the long run and are generally satisfied with the level of education provided.”

The survey questioned 867 students at English and Welsh universities.

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