New online data tool to support 40 key indicators in health of people of Wales

An online tool containing the most current and accurate data on the health of the people of Wales has been launched by the Health Intelligence division.

The new tool contains data to support the 40 key indicators outlined in the recently launched Public Health Outcomes Framework (PHOF), a new set of desired outcomes and indicators to help track the health of the nation.

The Public Health Outcomes Framework sets out 13 key health outcomes which organisations in Wales are encouraged to contribute towards to improve population health. The indicators are intended to help measure progress against these outcomes.
The proposed outcomes range from children having the best opportunity for a healthy start in life, to a natural and built environment that supports health and well-being.
Speaking of the tool, Caryn Cox, Consultant in Public Health for the Public Health Outcomes Framework, said: “The new PHOF tool contains current and accurate data which will enable users to access a snapshot of the health of the nation at any given time.
“It has been developed in order to understand the impact which our individual behaviours, public services, programmes and policies are having on health and well-being in Wales.
“Data in the interactive tool will include life expectancy at birth, vaccination rates at age 4, teenage pregnancies, life satisfaction amongst working age adults and older people in good health.
“Our hope is that this tool will become a valuable resource for healthcare professionals and a useful tool to support public sector organisations in developing their wellbeing assessments, as required by the Well-being of Future Generations Act.”
The data contained on the tool will provide information to inspire government, local communities, public services, private and voluntary sector organisations as well as individuals and their families to act to improve and protect health and well being. 
Seven listening events and three consultation events were held across Wales to shape and refine the framework.
In total, up to 60 organisations attended the events, including representatives from the third/voluntary sector, health boards, housing associations, pharmacies, local government, Public Health Wales and other Public Bodies as identified in the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015.
Feedback on the tool would also be welcomed. Anyone wishing to leave feedback can email: [email protected]