Council continue to monitor situation at Dinas care home

A REQUEST has been made to look at the the costs and future plans for Bryneithin Residential Care Home.

A report on the Dinas Powys care home is expected to be presented to the next meeting of the Vale Social Care Comittee.

It comes after the staggering cost of running Bryneithin Care Home last year was revealed at more than £200,000 per remaining resident.

But after 91-year-old Arthur Samuel died earlier this month, just one 90-year-old woman is being cared for by a team of 13 care workers at the home set back from St Andrew’s Road, with a whopping possible £450,000 bill.

Head of adult services Lance Carver said: “The council continues to monitor the situation at Bryneithin closely and is reviewing the existing arrangements at the home.

“We will reduce the service within the home where it is considered safe to do so, ensuring it continues to meet regulatory requirements.”