Roger Williams calls for social care consultation to be scrapped

Roger Williams, Mp for Brecon and Radnorshire and Liberal Democrat Shadow Secretary of State for Wales, used today’s Welsh Oral Question session to call on the Wales Office to scrap the Social Care Consultation that will see a reduction of £130m in Wales as a result of the scrapping of the Disability Living Allowance and the attendance allowance.

Speaking after today’s question session, Mr Williams said: “The potential scrapping of this scheme has cause great concern for many carers within Wales.

“As a result of the Barnett formula the Assembly’s budget would be reduced by £130m, with potentially devastating consequences for those people who provide essential care for friends and relatives.

“I used today’s session to call on the Secretary of State and his Ministers to discuss this with the Department of Health and use his influence to ensure that the consultation is withdrawn.

“If the Secretary of state is not willing to look into reviewing the Barnett formula he should at least guarantee that carers in Wales will not see a reduction in the level of financial assistance they receive.

“In his response the Minister [Wayne David MP], said that the consultation could not be scrapped and that the Government was committed to allowing people to be cared at home rather than in residential care.

“While I agree with him that people should be able to receive care where they wish, I think it is vital that all necessary steps are taken to ensure that there is no reduction in the level of funding currently available to welsh carers.

“The Government are not currently able to implement this and will almost certainly not be in a position to do so following the general election, making the entire process pointless.”