Welsh government announces online data strategy for disabled children

The Welsh government has announced that it is to launch a new online data strategy to improve best practice in the provision of support and services to disabled children and their families.

Through the Family Fund Trust, the digital initiative offers eligible families discounts on items from a number of retailers such as Tesco and Boots.

Consumers are also able to make purchases via the online Family Fund Extra website, and by doing so the scheme will receive commission that will be ploughed back into it.

Deputy Minister for Social Services Gwenda Thomas commented: “All parents have a demanding job raising children. Families with disabled children are more likely to be in poverty because of the higher costs involved in bringing up a child with a disability and the loss of income associated.”

She added that the Family Fund Trust would help people to meet the cost of items and services that were not currently covered by existing agencies but would greatly enhance quality of life.

Family Fund Extra last year issued grants totalling over £2 million to almost 50,000 families.