Man Jailed For Sex Attack On Girl, 3

A predatory sex attacker who carried out a horrifying assault on a three-year-old girl was jailed indefinitely today. Darren Rose, 21, of Duke Street, Abertillery, South Wales, was caught by police when his DNA matched that under the fingernails of a woman who scratched his face when he attacked her the previous night.

The little girl’s grandfather said today that the whole family wished Rose could be executed for what he had done. And he sid: “I’ve thanked the other victim for scratching his face because if it hadn’t been for her I’m convinced he may have got off with it.” Rose pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting the woman, who was in her 30s, and assault by penetration of the three-year-old, at an earlier hearing.

David Webster, prosecuting, told the court the assault on the three-year-old happened on New Year’s Day. He said she was found covered in blood and was taken to hospital where she was too distressed to be examined.

The following day doctors carried out tests under general anaesthetic and the girl needed a stitch in an injury to her genitals caused by Rose. Rose was later arrested and denied the assault, but police took a DNA swab from him and a search was carried out on their database.

Mr Webster said Rose’s DNA was found to match that of cells taken from under the fingernails of a woman assaulted on New Year’s Eve. He said the woman had been walking home when she heard footsteps behind her. “Before she could turn around she felt the palm of her attacker’s hand cover the right side of her face and he tried to force his tongue into her mouth,” he said.

“She became aware of pulling on her top coat and a terrific pain in her groin as her attacker ground his fingers against her vagina over her clothing. She was a robust woman who struggled violently, forcing her attacker to get off and run away, but not before she scratched his face.”

He said that, in a statement, the little girl’s mother said her daughter had not had a proper night’s sleep since the incident and that the once happy and content child now had temper tantrums. “Not only has she suffered distress but her immediate family has found the affair profoundly upsetting,” he said.

Defending Rose, Marion Lewis said: “He is at a loss to explain why he committed these offences. He is very concerned and frightened himself that he has behaved in this way.” She added: “His shame and remorse are genuine.”

Judge Christopher Llewellyn-Jones QC said he dreaded to think what might have happened to the woman if she had not managed to fight Rose off. And he described the incident involving the girl as a “horrifying” attack which had left her severely injured, both physically and emotionally.

“Both sexual offences indicate a degree of predatory behaviour,” he said. “I’ve reached the conclusion there’s a significant risk that you will commit serious specific offences of a sexual nature in future and as a result a significant risk of serious harm.”

He sentenced Rose to an indeterminate term in prison and said he could not apply for parole for four years, minus the 106 days he has already spent in custody. “It is up to the parole board when you are eventually released,” he said. He also said Rose must register as a sex offender for the rest of his life and disqualified him from ever working with children.

The three-year-old’s grandfather said afterwards: “I wish they could execute him – that’s the whole family’s feelings. “He was smirking in the dock and I don’t believe for a second he’s sorry for what he’s done. And I would rather the judge had just said 15 years so at least we’d know when he’ll be out.”

He said his granddaughter was very withdrawn and still speaks about the incident. “We just tell her ‘Don’t worry, baby, you won’t see him again’,” he said.