Former head teacher goes on trial over sex offence allegations against five children

A former high school head has gone on trial accused of sexual offences against children.

Neil Foden (pictured), who worked in North Wales, is alleged to have preyed on five youngsters, Mold Crown Court heard.

The married 66-year-old has denied any wrongdoing. None of the complainants can be identified.

John Philpotts, opening the case for the prosecution on the first day of the trial – estimated to last up to four weeks, told the jury the alleged offences had taken place over a four-year period before the allegations came to light last year when Foden was arrested.

One complainant, Child A, had shown an adult an image of her and Foden on her phone and screenshots of conversations referring to oral sex and police were called, the court heard.

The youngster went on to tell detectives she had been hugged by Foden and this had progressed to kissing.

Mr Philpotts said Foden had told the girl that what had happened between them, she must “take it to the grave and not tell anyone”.

But they exchanged phone numbers, with Foden saved in her phone under the alias “Nick Jones”, and communicated on Whatsapp, with Foden telling the youngster to delete their messages each day.

The alleged sexual activity became more serious with Foden putting his hands inside the child’s underwear and molesting the youngster, it is claimed.

On two occasions Foden was almost caught “red-handed” molesting the girl, the court heard.

Mr Philpotts also described Foden’s “bizarre” sexual fetish for urination, where he would encourage the child to drink water then push on their bladder.

On another occasion, Foden suggested they went on a “road trip” which prosecutors allege was his intention to carry out further sexual abuse.

The court heard concerns had been raised with the local council some years before about Foden, but no formal complaint or investigation was carried out.

A second child, Child B, said on one occasion Foden had pinched their thigh which left them, “shocked and surprised” and on another occasion he put his hands under their clothing.

Child C told police Foden had placed his hand right at the top of her inner thighs, uncomfortably close to her genital area, while rubbing her hand with the thumb of his other hand.

Child D alleged Foden breathed on the youngster’s neck and touched the youngster’s bottom beneath a skirt.

Child E then came forward to allege numerous sexual encounters with Foden. They had nicknames for each other, the court heard; “Mr P” for him, which stood for “Mr Perfect” and his nickname for her was, “ST” which stood for “Sex Toy”.

The court heard that sometimes they would have sex on the bonnet of Foden’s car and she told police the defendant had a “massive thing” for his urination fetish which she found, “disgusting”.

After Foden was arrested, police later found a pair of purple and black lace handcuffs in the boot of his car which had DNA present matching Foden and the youngster.

They also seized his phone and found photos of one of the children wearing underwear and in provocative poses.

Mr Philpotts said Foden has denied any sexual contact between himself and any children and has never answered questions about any of the allegations.

Foden of Old Colwyn, North Wales, denies 13 counts of sexual activity with a child, two counts of sexual activity with a child in a position of trust, and one count each of causing or inciting child sexual activity, attempting to arrange the commission of a child sex offence, sexual communication with a child, possession of indecent photographs of a child and sexual assault of a child.

The trial was adjourned until Tuesday morning.

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