Social service workforce continues to adapt to changes

The social service workforce in Scotland is growing at a consistent level according to the SSSC Workforce Data Report 2010 published this week.

Key points from the report include:

    the high level of workforce growth which was seen in the sector between the mid-90s and 2005/6 has slowed for the second year running with the social services workforce growing by around 1,000 people, representing 0.5% growth
    the private sector employed an extra 2,000 staff increasing its overall share and making it the largest employer in the sector with 40% of the workforce
    the public sector employs 34% of the total social care workforce
    69.5% of the private workforce is employed in care homes for adults.

Anna Fowlie, SSSC Chief Executive said: “The Workforce Data Report highlights that the social service workforce is continuing to change with people using services having more choices in the care services they use. Our workforce will look very different over the next few years, recognising changing demographics in a very difficult financial climate.  The data presented in the report was gathered during a period of intense change for all public services across the UK which had and is still having a major impact on our workforce and their employers.

“Less money means tough decisions and workforce development and planning has become crucial to improve and plan the future workforce and to encourage more people to consider a career in social care.  The information in this report will help us to realise this ambition for Scotland.”

The report, available on our website provides an overview of the data at a national level and combines data from the Scottish Government annual census of staff in local authority social work services as well as data collected by the Care Inspectorate from all registered care providers.,com_docman/Itemid,486/gid,2101/task,doc_details/