SSSC comment on Panorama’s Undercover Care

BBC Panorama programme highlighted the atrocious and unacceptable abuse of adults with learning difficulties at a care facility in England by the very people who were trusted with their care and support.

Social service workers work with the most vulnerable members of our communities and they have a duty to act appropriately at all times. This programme is a poignant reminder that every one of us has a duty to raise our concerns if we are worried about the behaviour of a worker or the care of another.

The Scottish Social Services Council’s (SSSC) first responsibility is to protect and enhance the safety and welfare of people who use services.  Each worker registered with us must abide by the SSSC Code of Practice for Social Service Workers which sets out clear standards of conduct for workers so people who use care services know what they can expect from their workers and how they should behave.

And while the majority work hard and often in difficult circumstances, we can and do take action against those who may fail to meet these standards.

If you are concerned that  a worker is not meeting the standards set out in the SSSC Code of Practice you can raise this with their employer straight away, who may then contact us or you can contact us directly on 0845 60 30 891 or at [email protected]

Find out more about how to make a complaint on our Protecting the Public pages.

We are working together with the new scrutiny body, Social Care and Social Work Improvement Scotland to make sure that employers meet their responsibilities and services provide you and your family with the very best standard and quality of care.

As a society, we cannot tolerate the maltreatment of those who are most in need of care and protection and the SSSC is here to help ensure that such poor practice is addressed.