Cairnryan children’s unit concerns pledge

The head of social work has promised to tackle local concerns after plans for a residential children’s unit in Dumfries and Galloway were approved.

The Cairnryan scheme was approved despite a recommendation by planning officials to refuse the development.

A number of issues were raised in the area about the suitability of the village to house the centre.

However, social services director John Alexander said every effort would be made to tackle community concerns.

The facility will be based in Cairnryan House which was previously a bed and breakfast.

It will accommodate at least four children over the age of 12 and will replace a former unit in Stranraer which was deemed unfit by the Care Commission.

Despite Mr Alexander’s assurances, local councillor Grahame Forster was disappointed by the decision to approve the plans.

He accused the local authority of riding roughshod over the people of Cairnryan to push through the unit.

He has lodged an official complaint with the council’s chief executive, Gavin Stevenson, about the social work department’s handling of the consultation process.