Alan McLure House warned over poor care standards

The Care Commission has revealed there are “serious issues” at Alan McLure House in Glenrothes, and the Fife Council-run home has been told to make improvements “as a matter or urgency.”

It is understood three senior members of staff at Alan McLure, who are employed by the council’s social work service, have been suspended.

However, the council would neither confirm nor deny that claim yesterday.

A Care Commission spokesman said, “We are aware of a number of serious issues concerning the quality of care being provided for residents at Alan McLure House.

“The Care Commission has carried out an inspection and has asked the service to address these as a matter of urgency.

“The Care Commission does not accept poor standards of care and we will be following the matter up to ensure that acceptable standards are provided for residents and their families. In the meantime, the service has given us a plan of action they intend to take to remedy matters.”

The home looks after around 40 residents as well as providing day care services.

Last month it was revealed that in March an elderly woman attending day care was given diluted cleaning fluid to drink after the container got mixed up with a juice bottle as they were stored in the same cupboard.

She was taken to hospital for a check-up but did not require any medical treatment.
“Very good” in June

In September the commission upheld a complaint relating to medication and the council has been told to:

    * Ensure staff follow procedures with regard to the safe administration of medication, so there is a sufficient supply of medication at all times and staff take the necessary action to procure supplies if they are low or depleted.
    * Ensure staff pass all relevant information about a resident’s condition on to medical staff.
    * Ensure staff have the knowledge and skills to care for residents with epilepsy, including in relation to medication administration.
    * Ensure there are enough suitably qualified and competent staff members to care for residents’ health and welfare, and ensure staff receive appropriate training.

In July the quality of care and support at Alan McLure was ranked “very good” and management and leadership was “good” following a commission inspection.

However it is understood the forthcoming report will be less positive.

Head of older people’s services Rona Laing said the council “deeply regretted” the cleaning fluid incident and admitted the standard of care at Alan McLure had fallen.

She said, “We can confirm that there is an ongoing investigation at Alan McLure House, but at this time it would be inappropriate to provide any further details in respect of this.

“The health and wellbeing of our residents is paramount and where our service falls short of the standards we expect we take immediate action.”

A question mark hangs over seven of the council’s 10 residential care homes, including Alan McLure, with the local authority considering a move to transfer services to the private sector.

Social work and health chairman Tim Brett said, “I have been briefed about these, but I am satisfied that Rona Laing and other staff are dealing with that properly and appropriately, and that they are determined to ensure any lessons are learned, and the council continues to provide the highest possible standard of care at Alan McLure and all other homes.”