‘Don’t Attack Our Staff’ Say Carer Representatives

Fife Council and Unison Fife have hit back at media criticism of home care services. They also admitted a lack of communication between carers and senior management.

The Fife Free Press has run a number of articles in the past few months highlighting the plight of many people who rely on home care services.

However, in a joint statement released yesterday, the Council and union called on the media to act responsibly and not ”cause unwarranted alarm” among elderly and vulnerable people or their families.

The statement came after a number of meetings were organised by Unison Fife to allow workers to raise concerns about issues facing the home care service.

Leader of the administration Peter Grant and Unison Fife secretary Linda Erskine said: “We commend the professionalism and dedication of Fife Council’s home care staff and reject any criticism directed against them, whether explicit or implied, in recent press articles.”

The union and Council recognised the need to keep all services within budgets set and confirmed there have been no cuts in the home care budget set in February – and none are planned.