Nurse’s Sex Act On OAP Patient

A nurse has been accused of performing a sex act on a pensioner at the care home where she worked. It is alleged Jessie MacPhee, 42, also told another nurse to have sex with the patient, saying: “Go on, Lynda – why don’t you relieve yourself?”

{mosimage}Shocked colleagues yesterday gave evidence against her.

They accused the senior nurse of serious acts of professional misconduct while working at Lynn of Lorne Care Home, in Benberloch, near Oban, in 2003 and 2004.

MacPhee, of Oban, faces being struck off if the Nursing and Midwifery Council find her guilty of misconduct. Yesterday, MacPhee did not attend the conduct and competence committee hearing in Edinburgh. Evidence was heard in her absence.

Witnesses told the panel that some time between July and September 2004, MacPhee performed a sex act on a 60-year-old patient, known to the panel only as Mr A.

Care assistant Iain Scott told how he stumbled across MacPhee pleasuring the severely disabled patient.

He said MacPhee had gone to Mr A’s room to perform an enema and had placed him in a lifting device known as a stand aid.

Yesterday, Mr Scott said: “He was in a stand aid and she was standing in front of him facing him.

“There was no doubt inmy mind what was going on. But Mr A was not doing it – it was Jess MacPhee. I froze – that doesn’t come under any nursing or care I know of.”

Care home assistant Lynda Bergin, 52, admitted she had been scared of MacPhee.

Mrs Bergin said: “One night, Jessie was in the bedroom with Mr A.

“He was lying on the bed naked, except for a towel over his chest.

“Jessie said, ‘You can relieve yourself on Mr A now but you would have to get on top.’ “I felt all hot and went red.

Mr A turned his head towards the wall. I felt uncomfortable with him after that. It was clear he was embarrassed, too.”

BothMr Scott and Mrs Bergin also claimed MacPhee regularly watched porn in the residents’ lounge.

Mrs Bergin added: “When Jessie was supposed to be working, she often went to bed.”

Colleagues also accuse her of abusing staff – even pelting one nurse with frozen bread.

MacPhee faces six charges of professional misconduct, including two charges of improperly storing and administering medicine.

MacPhee denies all the charges and the hearing continues.