RQIA launch new membership scheme to improve engagement with service users

Northern Ireland’s Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority (RQIA) have today launched a new Membership Scheme aimed at users of health and social care services, their families and friends.

The aim of the scheme is to help RQIA improve its engagement with service users and improve on the design and deliverly of these services.

Launching the Membership Scheme, Olive Macleod (pictured), RQIA’s Chief Executive said: “One of RQIA’s most important functions is to advise people on the quality of the services we inspect, audit and review.  We want this information to help with the choices service users might have to make and the questions that they should be asking when they receive care.”

“We can only do this in partnership with service users, their friends and families who will tell us what they want to know and how they want us to present it. This might mean new ways of writing reports or presenting findings from our inspections or holding events where service users, their families and friends can ask questions directly of RQIA.”

“I would encourage anyone with an interest to sign up to the scheme either via our website at www.rqia.org.uk or by using one of the postcards that will today be distributed to GP surgeries, libraries and care homes across Northern Ireland.”

The Department of Health has welcomed the launch of the Scheme, saying: “RQIA’s new Membership Scheme is an opportunity for service users and their families to help shape how RQIA regulates services and keeps service users informed about the quality of health and care services.

“Service users will have the opportunity to have a greater say in how RQIA inspects services and how RQIA shares information with service users. This is an important and welcome development in line with our commitment to co-production and user involvement and engagement.

“Greater involvement in the design and delivery of how RQIA discharges its role has the potential to enable service users to have an impact on the effectiveness of regulation and ultimately to contribute to improvements in the quality of services and user experiences.”

For further information visit: https://www.rqia.org.uk/contact/join-rqia-s-membership-scheme