Social services probe after Northfield murder

AN INVESTIGATION has been launched into the brutal murder of a mum of three by her boyfriend after a social worker “let slip” she had secretly aborted his unborn child.

The Health and Care Professions Council has started a probe into the death of Natasha Trevis, 22, who was stabbed 26 times by her partner.

Junior Saleem Oakes was sentenced at Birmingham Crown Court this week to life in prison after admitting the killing of Natasha, who was already the mother of three of his children.

Oakes launched the attack in a taxi in Northfield after they had been out to celebrate his 28th birthday.

The court heard how Oakes, of Dimsdale Road, Northfield, murdered Natasha on August 7 last year, days after a social worker had “let slip” she had aborted his unborn child.

David Matthew, prosecuting, told the court that the couple were involved with social services because of domestic violence against Natasha.

He said: “A social worker let slip that she had a pregnancy terminated five days before her murder.

“He took objection to that and told a prison officer he had killed his missus because ‘she killed one of our children’.”

Judge William Davis QC said he was convinced the revelation had played a part in Oakes murdering Natasha.

In sentencing him, he said: “I accept you did not set out that day to kill Natasha Trevis but such was the persistence of the attack, the argument there was no premeditation does not hold.

“I believe Natasha Trevis had recently terminated a pregnancy.

“It must have played some part in what you did.”

A Birmingham city council spokesman said the authority’s social services department was being investigated by the Health and Care Professions Council, the body which regulates health and care professionals.

He added: “We are aware of this allegation and can confirm internal enquiries were undertaken in accordance with Birmingham City Council’s policies and procedures.

“Following this investigation no evidence was found which would require further action against the social worker involved.

“In addition the HCPC, as the regulatory body for social workers, has been notified and we are engaging with their subsequent enquiries.

“It would not be appropriate to comment further until those enquiries are completed.”