Warning over social care budget cuts in West Sussex

Local campaigners in West Sussex have written an open letter warning of the negative impact of social care budget cuts on vulnerable adults.

The Don’t Cut Us Out Campaign has written an open letter to West Sussex County Councillors warning that “vulnerable people across West Sussex are suffering badly as a result of WSCC’s decision to slash social care budgets”.

It is calling on councillors to hold back from similar cuts when next year’s budgets are decided in the near future.

The latter states: “Already, 480 vulnerable people have lost all care support and 2,000 more have lost part of their care packages. Those with learning and physical disabilities or suffering from mental illness who have been attending day care centres and receiving professional support for many years have suddenly lost their places and have been forced into debilitating social isolation at home.

“Others have lost their mobility payments, making them more dependent than ever on their carers, who are often at breaking point themselves. Even those with ‘substantial’ and ‘critical’ needs – the most vulnerable people you promised would not be affected – have seen their care budgets cut by between 9  and 20 per cent.”

The letter adds: “The Don’t Cut Us Out Campaign asks you, when you set next year’s budget, to rethink the priorities for our community in these challenging times and to re-consider the increasing needs of disabled, elderly and vulnerable residents whose voices still struggle to be heard.”