Decision to close Lincolnshire care home reconsidered

COUNCILLORS will have to reconsider their decision to launch a review of the services it offers vulnerable adults, a move that had put the future of a Spalding respite care home at risk.

Last week Lincolnshire County Council’s executive unanimously agreed to hold a consultation on the future of its adult social care services, including respite care home Cedar House in Pinchbeck Road. That has now been “called in”.

The move was sparked by the county council’s Labour group and it will mean that the matter has to be debated again, probably at a meeting on September 29.

Coun Robert Parker, leader of the county council Labour group, said: “It is right and proper that councillors of all political parties should have the chance to have a detailed look at these radical proposals which could have a major impact on the quality of lives of some of the most vulnerable people in the county.

“That’s why we have ‘called-in’ the decision.

“If these proposals are implemented the biggest impact would be on women and people with a learning or physical disability.

“These proposals seek to save hundreds of thousands of pounds by cutting services to those in need.”

The 90-day consultation on adult social care will look at rolling out “personal budgets” – which give people the cash to spend on their own care rather than the council providing it themselves.

The authority says it has to look at the future of its directly provided services, such as Cedar House, to see if it can save cash.

The facility, behind the Chappell Centre, offers short stays for adults with severe learning difficulties and disabilities to give their parents a break from looking after them.

The home is run by Heritage Care and according to the council costs £300,000 a year to run.