Police launch investigation into alleged abuse at young people’s home

An investigation has been launched after allegations of abuse have recently come to light at a young people’s home in Tyneside.
Howestead Lodge that is being used by Northumbria County Council for young people, that have been placed.
The home is now under investigation after claims of abuse from a former member of staff have came to the attention of Police.
They are now now looking into the standard of care at the home after claims of abuse of the kids living there. As of now, all eight children that have currently been living at the house have been re-home.
The Police have said that staff who work at the home have been co-operating with the investigation.
In addition the police have also talked to the children that may have been involved with abuse at the care home.
Northumbria County Council have released a statement about the current investigation:
“We are aware of an ongoing investigation being conducted by the police and are working closely together with them and other agencies.”