Warrington care home worker cleared of assault

A CARE home worker accused of ill-treating and assaulting two elderly patients has had her name cleared.

Eunice Oloidi denied all the allegations and after a hearing at Liverpool Crown Court she was found not guilty.

Ms Oloidi, a nurse, who was working at Alexandra Grange care home in Orrell, was due to stand trial facing four allegations.

However, the prosecution offered no evidence on charges of ill-treating and assaulting an elderly man and an elderly woman by beating and assaulting. Not guilty verdicts were recorded by the judge.

Her trial on the remaining allegation of ill-treating the 85-year-old man then got under way but after the main prosecution witness gave her evidence, the Crown decided to offer no further evidence.

Ms Oloidi, a 42-year-old nurse, of Grasmere Avenue, Warrington, was discharged from the dock after the jury found her not guilt on the judge’s directions.

Ms Oloidi declined to comment afterwards, though she and her supporters praised God for her acquittal.

Mr Arthur Gibson, prosecuting, had told the jury that Ms Oloidi was in charge of the night shift on the night of July 18/19 last year at the unit where the elderly woman, who suffered from dementia, was a patient.

He alleged that she was angered because one of her staff, Pauline Hayes, went off to do photocopying for another unit and took it out on Mrs Barton after she got out of bed and came into the staff lounge.

Her condition was such that she would get up and wander around in the middle of the night disturbing other residents at the home in Howard Street, he said.

He alleged that Ms Oloidi grabbed her roughly and started to manhandle her back to her room. In the corridor they collided with the wall.

When interviewed Ms Oloidi said she had gently guided the patient back to her room but the woman became agitated and aggressive and scratched her face and arms. She stepped back and she asked Mrs Hayes to help.

After Mrs Hayes gave her evidence about the incident Mr Gibson told the jury that prosecutions are brought on the basis of witness statements but verdicts are reached on the basis of evidence heard by the jury.

He said that “the stresses” in Mrs Hayes evidence were different from those in her written statement. He said it appeared the elderly woman had started the difficulties by attacking the nurse and the incident by the wall was simply occasioned by the fact they lost their balance.

It did not appear to be the case that her conduct had been improper, as had been suggested, he added.