106 charities to gain £3.6 million in health dept funding

The coalition government’s Department of Health is aiming to support 106 UK charities through the allocation of £3.6 million, it has emerged.

Organisations which help to meet some of the department’s objectives could gain access to the funding, if they are the only body which can provide a certain service in the short or medium-term.

Meanwhile, those who offer social care or health services which could not be provided by any other body in the short-term could also gain help.

Andrew Lansley, the country’s health secretary, suggested that thousands of people could be positively impacted by this development.

He stated: “Charities play an important role in our vision for the Big Society and it is right that in these difficult economic circumstances we should give short-term support to organisations which are helping to support health and care services.”

The Department of Health has also confirmed this week that its Act F.A.S.T. stroke campaign will be re-launched during March.