Nottinghamshire County Council ‘desperate’ for foster carers

Nottinghamshire County Council say it is ‘desperate’ for 40 more foster families after a dramatic increase in the number of children in its care.

Since June 2008, the council has had to cater for approximately 200 more children.

“It’s so important for children to be placed locally,” said social worker Tina Riley.

“It’s important that they can maintain good contact with family and friends and stay at the same school.”

Social services referrals have risen since the Baby P case, the 17-month-old boy who was murdered at home despite being on the at-risk register.

Tina Riley added: “It raised people’s awareness, it made people more cautious, with both professionals and members of the public making more referrals.

“If we can’t get more families based within Nottinghamshire then we have to use independent fostering providers and they can supply placements all over the country.”