Social worker gets a caution after searching through confidential files

A SOCIAL worker has been cautioned after she was found guilty of misconduct.

Melanie Ruth Campbell was accused of accessing confidential information while working as a senior practitioner at Cheshire East Council between October and December 2008.

Campbell was also accused of failing to disclose the extent of the access when asked by her employer.

A General Social Care Council committee, which held a hearing in London this week, found her guilty of misconduct.

Miss Campbell accepted there were policies in place which restricted her from accessing information on the computer database other than on a professional “need to know” basis.

She admitted breaching these policies but said she had informed a duty officer of her potential conflict of interest at the time.

The committee took into account Miss Campbell’s previous unblemished record and decided to place a caution on her record for a period of nine months.

Cheshire East Council’s Head of Services for Children and Families, Lorraine Butcher, said: “We welcome the findings and are pleased that they concur with our own findings made 12 months ago.

“We took steps at that time to provide additional training and professional support to this member of staff and will consider very carefully any additional suggestions put forward by the GSCC.”