Care leaver releases single to highlight ‘forgotten community’

A 21-year-old care leaver has released a single called Keep Dreaming to promote this autumn’s National Care Leavers’ Week.

Kyle Simmons, who is studying at the East 15 Acting School in Southend and is otherwise known as “Kay.Jaye”, is also hoping that the single inspires other care leavers and boosts their self confidence.

He also wants to ensure that social workers and others who support care leavers see them as young people rather than just cases and statistics.

The single is released this week and the title has been adopted as the theme for National Care Leavers’ Week, which starts on 24 October. Simmons will perform it at an award ceremony for care leavers in London during the week. He said: “Children in care are almost the hidden, forgotten community. You don’t hear anything in the news about their stories. They go untold, whether it’s physical, mental or sexual abuse.

“There are so many stories I haven’t told and so many others who haven’t told theirs. Most are frightened to tell their stories. To be honest, they’re frightened of what people will think of them.”

ITV Fixers, set up by the Public Service Broadcasting Trust to support young people, has paid for a promotional video for the single. Half of the profits from sales of the the single will be donated to the Care Leavers’ Foundation.