Waltham Forest social worker “formed inappropriate relationship” with mother

A SOCIAL worker accused of inappropriate behaviour towards the mother of two children in his care is appearing before a disciplinary hearing.

Rodney Smith is alleged to have hugged and kissed the children’s mother, identified only as X, and given personal information about himself to her, in contravention of General Social Care Council (GSCC) rules.

Mr Smith also allegedly made inappropriate comments about Waltham Forest social services, informing X that a lot of black staff had been dismissed and this involved an element of racism.

Mr Smith is also accused of criticising Islam to X and promoting Christianity between January 1998 and November 2000.

He reportedly suggested X’s children had been “taken by the devil” and gave her a copy of the bible, took her to church and gave her cassette tapes of religious sermons.

Between November 2000 and January 2006, Mr Smith allegedly had an inappropriate sexual relationship with X, in which he repeatedly telephoned her, visited her, took her out for meals and gave her gifts.

The GSCC code for social workers prohibits the formation of “inappropriate relationships with service users.”

It also obliges social workers to respect the individual views of service users.

The GSCC hearing is scheduled to last until March 9.

Mr Smith faces being struck off the social care register, or being suspended or admonished for his alleged behaviour.