Ofsted under fire from social services chiefs

Ofsted has been hit by a massive broadside fom teaching and social services leaders as ‘flawed, wasteful and failing’.

Ahead of the education watchdog’s annual report, the Association of Directors of Children’s Services argued the current inspection regine was ‘not fit for purpose’.

Seperately, John Dunford, general secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders, also challenged the way Ofsted has added to pressure on schools.

One recent case involved a school being marked down after a poll of 1.3% of parents at a Leeds school questioned safety – despite improving performance.

He said: ‘It’s brought in a climate of great anxiety because you don’t know whether the inspector will trick you on safeguarding.’

Ofsted is already under pressure following the case of Baby Peter which led to a controversial downgrading of social services derpartments.

But a spokesman for Ofsted played down the criticism: ‘We are disappointed to hear the ADCS criticisms but have to say that their views just don’t accord with what we are being told by directors and frontline social workers who have actually experienced our children’s services inspections. The feedback we are getting is much more positive.’