Southampton social worker gave cash to a vulnerable mother

A SOCIAL worker gave cash to a vulnerable mother because God wanted her to visit a Nigerian prophet. Paul Collett, 45, from Southampton, has admitted writing to the woman, after her five children were taken into care, telling her she “needed a miracle, probably several”.

The father-of-four, who is appearing before the General Social Care Council in London on charges of misconduct, enclosed religious DVDs, a newspaper Faith Cometh and a personal cheque for £500 with the letter he sent in July 2007.

He told her she could use the money to visit Prophet TB Joshua, whose website advertises ‘miracle’ cures for Aids and cancer, and he could put her in touch with someone who could help her make travel arrangements.

He told the hearing: “It was my conviction that God had spoken through my conscience to give this money to her,” adding: “It was a very Christian thing to do.”

Collett, who had previously acted as a court guardian for the woman’s children, said: “Perhaps the letter could have been betterworded but there was no mischief intended. In my Christian circles it would not have been problematic.

“It was not my intention to upset the mother or impose my faith on her.”

Collett, who has 20 years’ experience as a social worker, went on to say that he had directed the woman to the prophet after he had helped him through a bout of depression.

Prophet TB Joshua is a self proclaimed healer who also claims to have foreseen world events.

According to his website he accurately predicted such things as Michael Jackson’s death, world disasters and even the scoreline of a football match between Tunisia and Nigeria.

Based in Nigeria he is the pastor and founder of the Synagogue Church of All Nations and holds services where he says he is able to cure people of illnesses including cancer and HIV.

TB Joshua even has his own television channel that broadcasts his ministry around the world.

According to his biography his family knew he was special as he was born after a pregnancy that lasted 15 months.

He also narrowly avoided death aged just three days old when a boulder crashed through the roof of his house missing him by inches.