Waltham Forest social worker accused of misconduct

A SOCIAL worker who was sacked by the council faces being struck off if she is found guilty of misconduct at a hearing this week.

Rosalind Shaw is to appear in front of a the General Social Care Council (GSCC) to answer allegations of misconduct.

Ms Shaw, who joined council’s intermediate care assessment team in December 2004, faces a string of allegations against her.

It is alleged that Ms Shaw failed to assess users and carers adequately, failed to report an allegation of abuse by a carer towards a service user and did not maintain patient confidentiality.

She is also accused of not following a number of instructions from management, including a requirement that she reports to the office before the start of duty each day and it is also alleged that she lied about completing an incident report.

Ms Shaw’s contract was terminated by the council in June 2005.

The GSCC hearing begins today and is expected to last all week.

If the hearing finds Ms Shaw guilty of misconduct, she could be struck off the social care register, suspended from it or admonished.