New Teams Set To Transform Care Services In Solihull

Solihull NHS Care Trust is introducing innovative ways of working to transform services. Patients, service users and carers across the borough should soon be noticing improvements as mixed teams of health and adult social care professionals are created.These will provide joined up services, near to where people live and linked to local GP services.

This will mean that instead of staff, for example district nurses and social workers, working separately they will work as part of the same team. The Trust is recruiting more district nurses, occupational therapists and other staff to make up these teams.

Kathy McAteer, the Trust’s Director of Community Services, said: “Our aim is to provide an even better service for patients and carers.

“We are working towards providing an improved, joined up, high quality and cost effective service that makes the best use of our resources and has at its heart the best interests of our patients.”

The Trust has also recently introduced a new service to make it easier for GPs, hospitals and other professionals to refer people who need core community services to avoid unnecessary hospital admission.

This new Single Point of Access (SPA) service is available 24 hours a day every day, through one telephone call. A second phase next year will aim to help people leave hospital sooner.