Jailed Social Worker Who Swindled Elderly Will Lose Her Home

A FORMER social worker who tricked pensioners out of cash to pay for her drug habit will lose her home.

Last month, Jacqueline Porter, 45, was jailed for 18 months after clocking up a catalogue of convictions for conning elderly people on their own doorsteps.

After learning of the conviction, her landlord One Vision Housing took court action to evict her from her home in Pendle Villas, Litherland.

In the next few days, housing officials will gain entry to clear the property and change locks, with Porter’s belongings given to her family for safekeeping.

Today, one of her victims welcomed the news the mother-of-one would be homeless after being released from prison.

The 70-year-old, who did not want to be named, said: “I am glad she is losing her home. She tricked me with a sob story and I handed over £5, believing she would do as she promised and pop back and return it. I never saw her again. It seemed like she deliberately picked on old people, because they were an easy target.”

Last month, Liverpool crown court heard Porter worked for social services for 18 years, had a nice home and was happily married with a daughter.

But her life spiralled downwards after her husband left her and she started taking crack cocaine. To fund her addiction, she knocked on the doors of pensioners in Bootle and Litherland, pretending to know them and asking for money for petrol, bread or milk.

Calling her victims, including an 84-year-old man, by their first names, she promised to return the following day to repay them but never did.

One of the streets she targeted was Poulson Drive, less than a mile from her home. Several residents had a visit from Porter asking for money.

One elderly woman said: “A woman, who called herself Jackie, called late at night about 12 months ago. She asked for £20, but we said we did not have £20 and she left. What has happened to her is very sad.”

William Merritt, One Vision Housing’s anti-social behaviour officer, said: “This individual singled out and targeted vulnerable people to feed her habit. We would like to assure everyone we will take a hard stance against anyone who subjects our tenants to anti-social and unacceptable behaviour.”