Autistic Society In New Awareness Campaign

The National Autistic Society (NAS) is launching a national campaign to raise awareness of the condition.

The society has launched its I Exist report in York as part of a campaign to end the isolation of the thousands of adults with autism in the United Kingdom.

Richard Exley, an individual with Asperger syndrome from Leeds told the York Press: “I think it is very important that service-providers listen more to the needs of adults with autism and their families.

“Every person with autism is different, and services need to be tailored to individual needs.
“We’re not talking about inventing a new language, but rather inventing new perceptions of existing languages.

“We all owe it to those affected by autism to listen with our hearts and minds and not just our ears.”

The I Exist report found 63 per cent of those questioned experienced anxiety related to autism and 49 per cent experiencing depression as a result.