Alzheimer’s Society Calls For More Research

A debate on the issue of anaesthetics and whether they can cause dementia to worsen has provoked a response from the chief executive of the Alzheimer’s Society.

Neil Hunt called for more research to be conducted into the issue and said that it would only be through a thorough investigation that any credible answers would be found. He also called for a “ground up” awareness process to be started to ensure that those concerned about the effects are able to access all available information on the subject.

Speaking with regard to a conference which discussed the effects of anaesthetics on elderly patients on Thursday, Mr Hunt said: “It was…an important first step [and it was] obviously the first time that people have come together to highlight this issue.”

It is so important that lots of people who don’t often deal with people with dementia, but are surgeons, are aware that this is a concern that they need to look into and also consider all options very carefully.”

Mr Hunt also took the opportunity to highlight the plight of carers of Alzheimer’s sufferers who he said often bared “the biggest burden”. He commented that there needed to be more support for carers who were liable to develop signs of ill mental health, such as depression, themselves if they were left without having any respite.