‘One Yob Family Can Cost You £250,000 Per Year’

Hell families can cost taxpayers up to £250,000 a year. A hard core of 140,000 poor households are responsible for huge amounts of crime and antisocial behaviour, a damning government report discloses today.

Social Exclusion Minister Hilary Armstrong will say the state must do more to help them for their own sakes and for society. A senior government source said: “We can turn their lives round – but we must intervene early.”

Problem families may have parents in jail, on drugs or who are long-term unemployed. Social care can cost £120,0000 a year. A dad in jail can cost £40,000 a year. Costs of crime, benefits and housing boost the total.

Proposals to tackle the issue will be published later this year. Ministers are considering residential centres, personal advisers and compulsory parenting classes.