Record Number Of Registrants As GSCC Hits 90,000 Mark

The General Social Care Council (GSCC) has registered the 90,000th registrant on the Social Care Register. The Social Care Register enables people who use social care services and the public to check that social care workers are trained, accountable and of good character.

Social workers and social work students who sign up for registration with the GSCC make a commitment to high standards of practice and are bound by the Code of Practice for Social Care Workers. Registrants also undertake to keep their skills up to date with post-registration training and learning throughout their career.

Registration figures have risen steadily since registration was made a legal requirement for all practicing social workers in England on 1 April 2005, when protection of the title social worker was introduced. Student social workers were first registered with the Social Care Register in September 2005.

Chief Executive, Lynne Berry said: “I’m proud to know that over 90,000 people have signed up for registration and made the commitment to provide the highest standard of care by adhering to the codes of practice. We have a trained and trusted workforce that is accountable and dedicated to ensuring the quality of social care services.

“The fact that we now have over 90,000 people on the Social Care Register shows that social workers and student social workers are embracing their professional status.”

The milestone comes as the GSCC is working towards opening the register to domiciliary and residential care workers.