Are You Ready? – Conference Primes Care Facilities In Emergency Repsonse

Fire, flood, terrorist threats, flu pandemics – it’s easy to envisage the possible emergencies that could strike. No amount of effort can make any care facility invulnerable, but the development of a considered and effective response and recovery strategy can prevent an emergency turning into a crisis

Are You Ready?, a one-day Homeless Link conference to be held in Birmingham on Wednesday, December 6th has been designed to help homelessness organisations plan ahead to ensure the safety and security of vulnerable people.

With input from local authorities, the police and communications consultants, the conference audience is not limited to homelessness facilities, but can provide invaluable planning advice  to any individual or organisation dealing with susceptible clients – the very young, the elderly or others who may be particularly at risk in an emergency.

More information about the conference, including cost and booking details are available from the Homeless Link website at;