Biggest Post in Social Care to be Advertised

The process for filling the top job in UK social care has begun. Care Services Minister Liam Byrne outlined details of the new Department of Health board-level post ahead of a number of adverts appearing in the national and specialist press.
The new Director General role follows on from the added prominence given to social care following the joint health and social care white paper and a review of senior DoH leadership.
The role will be responsible for providing national leadership of social care, co-ordinating social care policy with Department of Health system reform and across government and for strengthening the social care input at regional level.
Liam Byrne said:
“Social care is at the cutting edge of making Britain a better and fairer place to live. People say they like the white paper- but want to see it implemented. So, we need this new powerful, high profile role to help us drive this work forward.
“But we know that actually the biggest job is often at the frontline- doing the little things that make the world of difference.”