183 probes into care in Oldham after public complaints

THIRTEEN Oldham careworkers faced disciplinary action in 2011-12, and three were dismissed. The figures were revealed in Oldham Council’s adult social care services annual report.

In 12 months, 421 referrals — made by the public with concerns about someone in care — were made and 183 of them resulted in investigations by the council or police.

In the most serious incident, one man was accused of inappropriately touching a vulnerable, elderly man in a care home.

Another agency worker was dismissed after it was alleged she took her client to her own mother’s and to Tesco, rather than swimming.

Paul Cassidy, director of adult social services, said it was the council’s priority to highlight findings and keep people safe.

“If we receive referrals, we carry out our own investigations,” he said. “If we think it is a serious case, the police could become involved.

Almost a third of cases resulted in the council making changes to improve safety.

The report also showed that of 700 people being helped to live at home in Royton, Crompton and Shaw, 67 per cent were satisfied with the service.

The number of people admitted into permanent residential and nursing care has reduced by 77 per cent in the past year, giving Oldham the third-best rating in the North-West.