Young people’s disabled services in Jersey ‘require attention’

Some policies and services for young people in Jersey with physical or learning disabilities need to be improved, a charity said.

UK charity Action for Children was asked by the States to review existing services for children and young people.

In a £27,000 report, it said there were “clear indications” some services and policies “require attention”.

The Health Department said it wants to develop better intervention services and review staff roles and numbers.

Short breaks

Jersey’s Health and Social Services Department commissioned the report as part of what it said was an “on-going commitment to improving the lives of all children and young people in Jersey”.

In the report, the charity said personal needs of young people should be central to work to support them.

It also said effectively planned responses were needed to deal with people’s developing needs.

It recommended that early intervention systems be in place for families who were not yet in crisis but were at risk.

Such interventions could include offering better information, short breaks and coordinated care, it said.

It also recommended a review of Jersey’s laws on disability discrimination and the rights of carers; and that charities, States departments and private companies should work together on three and five year plans to improve services.