Male nurse jailed after having sex with ‘very vulnerable’ female patient

A male nurse has been jailed for four-and-a-half years after having sex with a “very vulnerable“ female patient at a hospital in London.

Christopher Fasakin, 58, had sex with the patient on the nights of May 24 and May 25 2020, Snaresbrook Crown Court (pictured) heard.

He admitted two counts of causing or inciting sexual activity with a person with a mental disorder while working as a care worker, and was sentenced for these offences on Thursday.

The court heard that Fasakin, of Sunrise Avenue, Hornchurch, worked as a night shift nurse at the hospital.

Gary Rutter, prosecuting, said Fasakin had previously been warned about being too close to female patients on the ward.

The court heard that on this occasion he had exchanged telephone numbers with the patient, and the pair had sent each other messages.

Mr Rutter said that on the night of May 24, Fasakin struck up a conversation with the patient.

“They had a cigarette together and ended up, for some reason, back in her bedroom,” he said.

Fasakin then had sex with the patient without wearing a condom.

He returned to her bedroom the next night – using a condom this time after purchasing one on the way to work.

On the second night, staff at the hospital noticed Fasakin sitting “huddled together very close” with the patient before the incident, and afterwards one member of staff said they saw the pair holding hands as he left her room.

A few days later, Fasakin approached another member of staff, claiming that the victim was threatening to accuse him of having sex with her if she was not moved to another ward.

When questioned by staff, the victim showed the messages she had exchanged with Fasakin on her phone.

Fasakin was then interviewed twice by police, but denied that any sexual activity had taken place.

However, a semen stain on the patient’s bedsheets was later analysed, and was shown to match that of Fasakin’s.

The court heard that Fasakin had been charged with two counts of rape in relation to the same incidents, however, the prosecution offered no evidence for either count and not guilty verdicts were recorded.

Sentencing Fasakin, Judge Alison Levitt KC said he had “no business” exchanging phone numbers with the patient.

“I find that there was grooming of the victim,” she said.

“You had no business exchanging telephone numbers with her.”

She added: “I am concerned that you felt that you could get away with this because the victim was a very young and very vulnerable woman.”

Judge Levitt also said that she viewed his remorse with “scepticism”.

“Had your semen not been found on the sheet in her room you would have continued to deny these allegations, and this leads me to treat your remorse with a degree of scepticism,” she said.

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