MP suggests public services are being ‘captured’ by an ideology over trans children identity

Parents risk social services stepping in if they do not recognise their children are trans because public services are being “captured” by an ideology, ministers have heard.

Conservative MP Mark Jenkinson (Workington) (pictured), who made the claim, also asked whether a proposed ban on conversion therapy would “criminalise” parents for “telling children it is not possible to be born in the wrong body”.

At questions for the Government’s women and equalities minister Liz Truss, Mr Jenkinson told the Commons: “There have been instances of where parents have been reported to social services for not simply affirming their child’s new trans identity.

“Can he assure parents that their right to not simply affirm their child’s new identity will be protected in the face of the ideological capture of some of our public services?”

Equalities minister Mike Freer replied: “Parents and carers will, of course, have the right to express their views on how a child identifies.”

Mr Jenkinson’s original written question had asked if a proposed ban on conversion therapy which the Government supports would “not criminalise therapists and parents for telling children that is is not possible to be born in the wrong body”.

Mr Freer responded: “The Government proposals will protect freedom of speech, the proposals will not affect a parent’s right to express their views and raise their children with their values.

“Parents, clinicians and teachers will of course be able to continue to be able to have open and challenging conversations with young people or others about their recusal orientation or whether they are transgender or not.”

Elsewhere in the debate, Conservative former minister Tim Loughton pressed the Government on whether male-born prisoners with a record of sexual offences against women and who now identify as a transgender woman could be placed in a woman-only prison.

The MP for East Worthing and Shoreham said: “Does he agree with me that the protection of women is of paramount in consideration when dealing with the placement of transgender offenders within the prison system, and on what basis would a male-born prisoner with a record of sex offences against women and who now identifies as a transgender woman would be placed in a woman-only prison?”

Justice minister James Cartlidge replied: “Transgender women who want to move to a women’s prison will be risk-assessed by an expert multidistrict disciplinary panel chaired by a senior prison manager.

“This will consider an individual’s offending history, their anatomy, their behaviour in custody and their use of medication relating to gender reassignment, as well as the risk posed to individuals.”

Foreign Secretary and equalities minister Ms Truss later emphasised the UK’s commitment to LGBT rights.

She told MPs: “We are five months away from Safe To Be Me, the UK’s first ever LGBT rights conference.

“Everybody should be free to be themselves, but that is not true in many parts of the world.

“We will work with friends and allies across the globe to turn the tide on authoritarianism, spread freedom and end the criminalisation, persecution and violence experienced by far too many LGBT people.”

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